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Fixture Library Update for Mantra Lite

Thank you for downloading Fixture Library Update for Mantra Lite

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This is the latest fixture library update for the Mantra Lite console.

It is dated 24/10/2017 and updates the library supplied with v1.25 software.

To install this library in the console follow these steps.

  1. Download the file.
  2. Check that the file size matches the information displayed below. IF not, please delete and try downloading the file again.
  3. Find a USB stick and create a directory on it called  LSC
  4. Copy the fixturesUpdate.db file into the LSC directory on the USB stick
  5. Insert the USB stick into the rear of the MantraLite console.
  6. From the Home screen tap [Tools] then [Setup] then [Import Fixture Library].
  7. Follow the instructions on the screen
  8. The update process takes less than 5 seconds.
Submitted On:
23 Oct 2017
File Size:
968.00 Kb
File Author:
Submitted On:
23 Oct 2017


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